Girl Hypnotized into Sex

“People seldom examine the whole set when hypnotized.” Maria split the ring and took the door key. Benson hadn’t used this one lately and probably wouldn’t notice it was gone. After stashing her treasure, the girl hypnotized for sex crept into the room and slipped the slightly lighter fob back into the warden’s abandoned pants.

girl hypnotized sex

Girl Hypnotized for Sex

I should do the lipstick deception under the sheet whilst beside him. If he awakened, she could act as a girl would when hypnotized and employ maneuvers to mask her actions. A few tension-filled minutes later, she stirred in her slumber. The action covered her one hand secreting her lipstick tube into the join of the mattress and headboard. The hypnotized sex slave watched for his waking, and didn’t have very long to wait.

“You’re not getting away from me so quickly.” Today, the man didn’t scramble up to scan for scattered condoms. Instead, he rolled onto his side and trapped the hypnotized girl under his arm.

“~I do have a plan B.” Maria mumbled and smacked her lips as if her mouth was dry but was unconcerned of the arm at her waist. “Party?” She pulled one arm free to pantomime sticking a needle in his arm. Will the thought of getting buzzed before the business day chase him away?

“Watch the watch and let me hypnotize you for sex.” Benson lifted his one hand to make a donut hole with his thumb and forefinger. His other closed to a fist with the pointer finger repeatedly plunging like a piston into the loop. It was a universal sign that was unmistakable in any language.

He had to remove his arm to perform the two-handed gesture: the presumably hypnotized Russian girl rolled away from his hold. She stood quickly and squirmed her legs tightly to indicate some bathroom urgency.  Even a hypnotized girl needed to pee sometimes.

“Wait!” With a speedy motion that outdistanced hers, Wall shot out his hand and locked her wrist. “Me first. You take way too long.”

What is better than a girl hypnotized into having sex?

“~You don’t know that I understand English.” Maria cocked her head as if trying to comprehend. “~You have to play our game by the established rules and use baby talk, charades or the dictionary.”

“Me,” he pointed to his own chest and then at the toilet, “pee-pee.  Then we can have hypnotized sex.”

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