Talking Doll Toy- lighting up a child's eye

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Talking Doll Toy- lighting up a child's eye

Author: dec03

I want a Talking Dolly, that is walking too, exclaims the little girl at the Toy Shop. The one with that pretty face, the brightly colored awesome dress and those loveable golden curls, I want to be her mommy and play teacher with her too. Can I hear what she can say, I am sure she has a sweet voice like a small baby, and looks so cute. Deciding on the Talking Doll Toy you want to buy as a gift is a very mean task, why of course, how can you decide with such a variety to choose from, one talking Doll Toy is prettier than the other. Just think of a few that readily come to mind, the Russian styled Talking Doll Toy come at least in two designs that I can think of, the church girl and wedding beauty.  The new trend of having cheer leaders at sports events have seen the talking doll called the Cheer Leader Barbie doll present itself in toy stores. It has been found that a baby’s senses are stimulated by colorful and sound emitting Talking Doll Toy.  Many attractive names are given to the Talking Doll Toy, namely, Madeline talking doll, Little Mommy, Sid the Science kid, Charlie and Lola, Pete the Parrot, who repeats himself, just leave the kids enthralled, Jessie the fashion talking doll complete with heels and hat instigates the  young ones to mimic its attire, Sesame Street  character talking dolls, Bozo the clown, always grinning making the kids do the same too, the talking doll called Cowgirl from the film Toy Story, Martha the Talking doll dog, the Pony Princess, the Dinosaur as in T-Rex and Oliver the rabbit, and a specialty for the boys the Spiderman talking doll, the list goes on.

The talking doll toy should be held by the hand so that it will not fall, says the salesman. When the talking doll is being put to bed she will close her clear green eyes and the perky eyelashes will look so adorable. She makes a crying sound when you are placing her in a sleeping position.  There is one request the talking doll makes, please see that my batteries are not run down at anytime, if so, I will not be able to give you hours of enjoyment by talking, singing and walking with you. The children who are privileged to have this talking doll toy will be such a joy to their parents as they will be so taken up with this toy that they will eat, drink, study, be good and sleep well through the joy this talking doll toy has brought them.   

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20 Responses to “Talking Doll Toy- lighting up a child's eye”

  1. russt says:

    so say your in Russia just walking by yourself and always see girls also walking by themselves and your interested in them but dont really speak much russian just the basics…since love is blind anda language of its own how can i get the girl? and also why are there always girls just walkin by themselves all dressed up are they lookin for suitors?

  2. Lena4ka_Dii? says:

    I can’t believe that you asked, and people answered on such a low level.
    Yes, Russian girls take care of their looks, which doesn’t make them cheap or willing for instant-marriage.
    Moreover, if a girl is satisfied by the way she looks when she leaves her house, she’ll have more
    self-esteem and knowing her worth, she’ll reasonably choose partner that fits her the best.
    And what makes you think she’ll searching for a suitor? Maybe she just enjoys walking and being admired, but actually doesn’t want a partner at all.

  3. Jenna says:

    a guy once asked me if i was russian. I’m not, but i was wondering what charactertics so russian girls have?

  4. Russiangirl says:

    They are most slim, beautiful, cute, kind, sexy, funny… This all i have heard from men (not russian)

  5. russt says:

    So I got a thing for them. Idk I think they’re beautiful and their skin color is just ò_õ but sadly non are in America that I have seen. How nice are they? Mail order brides. Stuff like that. I wouldn’t spend that much money lol but has anyone here dated a Russian girl? How was she?

  6. russt says:

    Q: “… they’re beautiful and their ̲s̲k̲i̲n̲ ̲c̲o̲l̲o̲r̲ …”
    A: of course, with such a Demographic situation (=> Whites in the U.S.: 1990 – 80.3%, 2000 – 75.1%, 2010 – 72.4%) what else is left to do?
    Very funny to read all these questions asked by nation of consumers. You guys think you can take everything (everyone) for granted, don’t you?
    The funniest thing is that you always go from one extreme to the other: whether it’s: 1) freaking non-european mongoloid-vodka-communists or: 2) pale blond light eyed beauties with great gene pool… let’s just say baby-making machines & sex toys.

    What happened to the “greatest and smartest” nation on the planet? What happened to its gene pool?

    Q: “Mail order brides…?”
    A: 95-99% of those websites are owned by american “businessmen”.

  7. russt says:

    I’m from long island and wanna know what other people think of long island girls. Some with Russian girls what do Russians act like with a stereotype.

  8. anaik27 says:

    Well I am living on LI so I can’t really give the outsider’s stereotype but my family is from elsewhere so in comparison I find LI people to be a bit more extravagant. For example when I see girls spend a ton of money to get the nails all perfect and spend hundreds of dollars on a purse of something I am shocked and I would never even want the expensive of something.

  9. m.Usman says:

    Why Russian girls do not get attracted to western eruopean men?
    Here in germany, I hardly see any russian girl getting attracted to west european men, they either hook up with their own russian men or strangely with Pakistanis or north indian or middle eastern. I have hardly seen any russian girl with a german or other west european man. Do they find nordic west european ugly.

  10. Mr.Daaannyy! says:

    Many r.

  11. taurusxz says:

    I live in manhattan, NYC. I want to know what specific clubs in manhattan do russian girls go to? All I want to know is clubs ONLY in manhattan. Thanks.

  12. russt says:

    the Warsaw Club

  13. russt says:

    There are these group of Russian girls at my school and they said that they got their nose and chin fixed at Russia before they moved to the U.S. No wonder alot of Russian girls look fake.

  14. russt says:

    because America has the best doctors in the world plus it’s cheaper here then in Russia.

  15. russt says:

    I will be a month in Moscow Russia and I’d like to get to know some Russian people, and girls too of course. What is the best way to make contact with the people without scaring them away? How should I behave to make many friends? Should I seek contact myself or are there spontaneous people who will come up to me as well?

  16. russt says:

    Oh that’s easy. You can just find a girl that speaks english and ask her something like ‘how can i in there’ or ‘where’s the nearest ‘metro’ station?’ and then tenderly ask her to be your guide through the city. I tell you that she will be very interested in you. She’ll melt immediately. It’s kinda cool here to have a friend abroad. And then your turn to act! Good luck

  17. IsraelUnited says:

    … the Russian or Eastern European girls in “trying to get out of their country because her country is a poor place”.

    They make it sound like those places are dirt poor, but I been over there, and it isn’t Dubai, but it isn’t sub-saharan Africa either.
    Do American girls say this, cause they realize the girls in Russia and Eastern Europe are superior to them in terms of looks, brains, and personality/attitude ?
    If American women, had better attitudes( the pretty ones), and lose the weight, I think they would not say this.
    What do you all think ?

  18. ArchersIgnite says:

    Don’t listen to AE Homo, he is just a loser, and he has never been with a Ukrainian, Polish, or Russian woman dated him. Women are women no matter what, but there are stiill MAJOR differences between women in Eastern Europe/ Russia. compared to those in the U.S. Most women in the U.S. as you say are not so attractive, mostly because they don’t watch what they eat, or take care of their bodies. They get flabby and old quickly

    There is also a difference of attitude. A young beautiful woman in Eastern Europe/Russia is culturally aware of the world compared to the same time of woman in the U.S. There are more beautiful girls in Eastern Europe/Russia compared with the U.S. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. There are always exceptions to every rule, but this is true.

    And the women don’t split like you think. There is only a 20 percent divorce rate when an American marries a woman from Eastern Europe/Russia. That is very low compared when American men marry American women.

  19. russt says:

    I’m looking for a site where I can talk to Russian or Ukrainian girls that isnt a dating site and where the girls are around 18 or younger, since I’m 16 and all, does anyone know of any of these? Besides myyearbook. And no I’m not to young for this, any girls here sure as hell wont talk to me, so I’m expanding my horizons.

  20. russt says:

    You go get them kid try facebook and juat search the name anatasia,u r sure to find russian girls pop up from the search results