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Brutal Truth About Girl Hypnotized

I’ll be brutally honest here, I bought this domain name on a whim because I’m an author and the subject of hypnotized girls inspires me.  I’m really not some great hypnotist guru and I’m not actually trying to sell you anything.  This girl hypnotized site is here for your entertainment and for mine too.  But I do hope you find something here that sparks your interest.

Is This Girl HypnotizedLike almost all pubescent boys, I entertained fantasies of hypnotizing girls into sex slaves.  I’ve even written some fiction stories along that theme.  Then I set myself a goal of actually learning hypnosis and guess what?  The fact of having a girl hypnotized almost lives up to the fantasy of hypnotized girls.  And in fact, a guy can even accomplish the feat of hypnotizing women without her ever having a clue that she is now a girl hypnotized.  Is that cool or what?

Anyways, enjoy your time here and feel free to click a link when you’re ready to surf on.  Not everything here will be strictly on the vane of hypnotizing girls but most is.  I also put links to stuff that I think is worth your looking at.  And do remember that I am a fiction author before anything else so whatever you read here about hypnotized girls could either be fact or fiction. ;-)

Learn the Dark Side of Mind Control

The Hypnotized Girl Model

She came to me because she was shy and she wanted hypnosis as her cure.

Hypnotized Model

My Shy Hypnotized Model Girl

The woman I hypnotized that day was not exactly a raving beauty and she wasn’t even a young girl.  The lady I was to hypnotize was charming and striking: one could even call her handsome and classy but I was most stricken with and captivated by her shyness.  Alas but she just wanted my hypnotism skills to remove that aspect of hers that I found the most alluring.

So I worked my hypnotic magic on her impressionable mind.  I first hypnotized this girl into believing she was a fashion model and I even drove my hypnotized girl down to the beach where I could take pictures of her as if she was a real model.  My hypnotized woman loved the adventure under hypnosis.  How could a fashion model be shy at all in front of all the cameras.

Her shyness had been reduced somewhat but sadly, so my fascination with this woman was somewhat diminished.  Given her new found public confidence my no longer timid woman came back to me to use hypnotism to make her even less shy.

So where can a hypnotized girl go to from being a model?  The answer came to me in a prurient flash.  A porn actress cannot display any timidness at all.  Under hypnosis my hypnotized model became a nude playmate hypnotized and then an insatiable  porn starlet.  And my hypnotized nympho and I made movie after movie.  And imagine this?  I enjoy my hypnotized girl as an adult film star even more than I was drawn to her sweet shyness.  I love hypnotizing women!

Girl Hypnotized by Comment Spam

Comment Spam on Girl Hypnotized

Girl HypnotizedI suppose I really should keep on top of the comments submitted to this girl hypnotized site but I tend to let them build up and then – Yikes – I have like 800+ comments to moderate and 99.9% are spam.  Like what does carpet cleaning in Los Angeles have to do with girls being hypnotized?  Maybe the carpet cleaning women are hypnotized into doing the drudge work.

And why should girlhypnotized.com approve a comment about search engine optimization?  If I included one I would have to take 500 of those.  I just want to be atop search results for girl hypnotized or hypnotized girl.  I would happily hypnotize any girl at Google for that – Hmmmm – Good thought!  :-)

hypnotized girlsYou want to learn self hypnosis and earn some cash in the process?  Start a web site and don’t put in any spam filters.  You will be under pretty quickly.  Or get the girl you want to hypnotize to edit it for you.  You will have the girl in a trance in no time.

Hey, I’m just venting here and this has not much to do with hypnotized girls or with getting a girl hypnotized.  If nothing else this post proves that a human is in charge.  I will likely delete this post tomorrow but meanwhile, I will put up a nice picture of a hypnotized girl.

Hot Seduction in Bangkok with Hypnotized Girl

A Hypnotized Girl in Bangkok

“Why don’t you just do things the way I want you to?” The Wall Soft CEO stood his ground a pace from her and glowered. “If I don’t get you under control first, you might savagely bite it.” He pointed to the bedroom and then signed a needle squirting. “I wanted you to suffer withdrawal a bit longer but I think I’ll be better served if you are passive.”

The hypnotized girl urgently nodded her acceptance of the proffered hot seduction in Bangkok deal. This is happening at too fast a pace but I can’t think of how to slow the seduction under hypnosis down.

Seduction in Bangkok“That’s better,” he swept a hand gesture telling her to lead the hypnotized girl to her seduction, “but once you’re fully hypnotized and under my firm control it’s going to get nasty for you.”

“~Do you think telling me your plans ahead of time is wise.” Jabbering eagerly in her own tongue, the Bangkok girl scurried towards the bedchamber. What hot seduction toys has he brought with him to Bangkok? The hypnotized girl noticed a shopping bag he had set down by the office door on his way in. I don’t have time for a peek just yet.

“Why didn’t you just behave like this from the start?” On entering the room, Jackson found the hypnotized girl already seated on her knees on the middle of the bed and waiting for the hot seduction to follow. Her seductive face had a sultry smile and the hot seductress was patting a spot for him to sit beside her. “Is it possible I’ve been wrong about your toying with me? All the while, you just wanted me to be forceful.”

“~Where did you get your shrewd insight into my hypnotized female mind?” The hot girl under hypnosis had her hands roaming his upper torso before Jackson had finished taking his semi-seated position. I’m still not certain how I’m going to seductively gain the upper hand in this clever seduction. The hypnotized young woman snatched pillows to prop his back. “~I have the dreadful notion I’ll have to let you get further than I’ve yet allowed.”

A Hot Seduction in Bangkok

“You like a powerful man who takes what he wants and I want these.” Jackson went straight for the goodies. His arm swung over to cup his palm and splayed fingers on her right breast. “That’s a nice titty!”

“~Your foreplay is subtle but tremendously effective and highly seductive.  And you wonder why you haven’t succeeded in seducing me yet.” The hypnotized Bangkok girl  dislodged his groping hand by jumping and twisting to straddle his hips. This is the same position as when I tried making jam from his squashed berries. “~Too bad they aren’t as susceptible now as they were then.” No matter. This is a seduction in Bangkok and I have other devices. In tandem motion with both hands, the fervent female pulled his front shirttails free of his belt. To follow up, the hypnotized girl employed all the strength and speed she could muster, to rip her hands up and away. “~You’ve now got the hot ravaging wench you so greatly wanted.”

“You really mean it this time!” His shirt was torn asunder with several buttons even flying free to ping off the walls. Benson dreamed about this kind of action and it was finally becoming reality.

“~This hot seduction will keep getting better until it unexpectedly grows worse.” Smiling coyly, the hypnotized girl leaned her face down as if about to kiss his lips. He grabbed my breast so his is now my fair game. Her target shifted and the slave’s teeth chomped hard onto her master’s left nipple.

Hot Seduction“Ayee!” Those are sensitive. Moisture welled in his eyes in response to the sharp pain. Watch out Jackson! She’s trying to wound you again.

“Grrrr!” The hypnotized Bangkok seductress released her clenched teeth as quickly as she had latched on. “~Didn’t you like my gentle seducing nip?” Continuing to growl menacingly and seductively, the wild pussycat moved her snapping teeth higher up towards Jackson’s face. The super hot Bangkok girl sustained the catty playacting of her hot seduction by fully extending her tongue. The sexy lioness then gave her enraptured prey a long lick from the tip of his nose to between his eyebrows. “~I’ll have to wash my tongue off with soap.”

“That felt incredible!” The shock of his bitten nipple was completely rinsed away by the velvety wetness of that sensational lick. His shoulders sagged under her two hands pressing her weight onto them and the hypnotized girls bright blue eyes were staring intently down into his.

The hypnotized seductress  beheld his pale grey orbs for a long pause. Then, she scrunched her eyebrows as if racked by a sudden and intense pain. I’ve contrived him through some pleasant emotions. Now, he can have a taste of the reverse. She sat back onto her heels and pulled her elbows tightly into her sides. The hypnotized Bangkok girl  forced her body to shudder as violently as possible. Can he see how badly this junky needs her stuff? “~Does this make you feel heartless about your hot seduction in Bangkok?”

“You’re earning your fix.” Should he ease her suffering? Jackson watched as she flipped off him to adopt a dejected perch on the edge of the mattress. She deserved it for what she did to him but how could they keep the tempo in between bouts of her symptoms? Her back was turned and he observed several more spasms. “I’ll let you have your needle now.”

“~Remember, I don’t speak your language.” The hypnotized young woman spoke in a muted voice and her head remained turned away.

“Take it.” Jackson pulled the kit from his pocket and tapped her with it. The relieved girl took the gift and hugged it to her breast. “Shoot up right here so it doesn’t take long.” He patted the bed and made needle gestures.

“~I don’t think so.” The hypnotized babe nodded in full agreement. I need him to make a motion to distract himself. The girl smiled and tugged at the kit’s zipper to peek at the treasure within.

The software CEO moved to sit upright: he placed his hands beside his hips to lever his legs over the edge of the bed.

Hypnotized Girl“~That’ll work.” As quick as a scorpion tail from a hiker’s sneaker, the female jumped to her feet and nimbly outdistanced his hampered reaction to grab. As she reached the door, the hypnotized lady turned and looked back. Her finger and thumb tip held close together foretold that she would be quick about it and return to the hot seduction that he was enjoying.

“I thought it was clear you should do it here.”

“~I have another idea.” The girl hypnotized into being a sex slave smiled wickedly at the man on the bed. She pantomimed removing a shirt and pants then pointed at Jackson. That’ll give him something to occupy both his mind and his time.

Time for Hot Seduction

The CEO aped back her stripping motions and pointed at himself for confirmation. The girl nodded and grinned excitedly. She held up the kit between her two fingers and with the other hand, she confirmed the wait wouldn’t be lengthy. On her way out the door, she gave it a quick tug to allow it to partially close behind her.

“Little Jackson is actually going to get boinked this time,” he set to finishing a disrobing the hot girl had started, when she ripped his shirt, “and nothing is going to stop it.”

“~We’re into the danger area now.” The hypnotized girl in Bangkok confirmed her misgivings about the hot seduction that she really didn’t want.

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Girl Hypnotized into Sex

“People seldom examine the whole set when hypnotized.” Maria split the ring and took the door key. Benson hadn’t used this one lately and probably wouldn’t notice it was gone. After stashing her treasure, the girl hypnotized for sex crept into the room and slipped the slightly lighter fob back into the warden’s abandoned pants.

girl hypnotized sex

Girl Hypnotized for Sex

I should do the lipstick deception under the sheet whilst beside him. If he awakened, she could act as a girl would when hypnotized and employ maneuvers to mask her actions. A few tension-filled minutes later, she stirred in her slumber. The action covered her one hand secreting her lipstick tube into the join of the mattress and headboard. The hypnotized sex slave watched for his waking, and didn’t have very long to wait.

“You’re not getting away from me so quickly.” Today, the man didn’t scramble up to scan for scattered condoms. Instead, he rolled onto his side and trapped the hypnotized girl under his arm.

“~I do have a plan B.” Maria mumbled and smacked her lips as if her mouth was dry but was unconcerned of the arm at her waist. “Party?” She pulled one arm free to pantomime sticking a needle in his arm. Will the thought of getting buzzed before the business day chase him away?

“Watch the watch and let me hypnotize you for sex.” Benson lifted his one hand to make a donut hole with his thumb and forefinger. His other closed to a fist with the pointer finger repeatedly plunging like a piston into the loop. It was a universal sign that was unmistakable in any language.

He had to remove his arm to perform the two-handed gesture: the presumably hypnotized Russian girl rolled away from his hold. She stood quickly and squirmed her legs tightly to indicate some bathroom urgency.  Even a hypnotized girl needed to pee sometimes.

“Wait!” With a speedy motion that outdistanced hers, Wall shot out his hand and locked her wrist. “Me first. You take way too long.”

What is better than a girl hypnotized into having sex?

“~You don’t know that I understand English.” Maria cocked her head as if trying to comprehend. “~You have to play our game by the established rules and use baby talk, charades or the dictionary.”

“Me,” he pointed to his own chest and then at the toilet, “pee-pee.  Then we can have hypnotized sex.”

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Hitman DVD Review

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Hitman DVD Review

Author: Rl Aguirre

Hitman girl hypnotized into sex“Hitman” tells the tale of an assassin who refuses to accept his role as a fall guy in a political conspiracy. Tim Olyphant stars as Agent 47, an elite killer under the employment of a group known only as The Organization. He was hired to assassinate the Russian president, Belicoff. Just like any other jobs, he was perfect and precise, killing his target without flaw. Just another day on the job. But then later on he saw his target make a speech on TV about the “attempted” assassination. Soon after, a string of other hitmen began showing up with him as their target. And Agent 47 is compelled to find the source so that he can finish the job and stop the bounty on his head. “Hitman” takes us in a rather familiar goose chase within urban Eastern Europe as our cold-blooded killer began warming up to his only link to the mysterious president, Belicoff’s personal and reluctant sex slave, played by Olga Kurylenko (the next Bond girl).

Attract Young Women

Now, I say that the goose chase were familiar because we’ve seen them in prior movies such as Bourne Identity and recent James Bonds. So nothing new here in terms of environment. As far as the acting goes, any sexual tension between Olyphant and Kurylenko peak when they’re not speaking and bottom out when they’re talking with each other. While I’m not looking for award winning performances, I am looking for something other than just reciting lines.

Dougray Scott, however, plays his role as an Interpol agent convincingly. His character, Mike Whittier, is determined to bring Agent 47 to justice but ran into obstructions setup by Russian FSB police led by Yuri Marklov (Robert Knepper).

“Hitman” did one thing great – shootout actions. If you’re a shootout junkie, you should enjoy these scenes because 1) there are plenty and 2) they are bloody. The movie averages one shootout every 15-20 minutes. And they don’t disappoint. The one scene at Udre Belicoff’s headquarter reminds me of something I see in Hong Kong action movies.

Prior to researching “Hitman” even after watching it, I was not aware that it was based on a video game of the same name from Eidos. Because it was driving me nuts watching a movie about covert assassins who walk around in public uniformly dressed with bald heads and dark fashion suits with a very distinctive tatoo. I’d like to think that such marks would get them caught by any police force worth a salt. But knowing that the characters are based on another media that values looks and persona far more than reasonableness makes a huge difference in my expectation.

All in all, I recommend “Hitman” if you’re a fan of action movies. But be sure to check everything else at the door.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/movies-articles/hitman-dvd-review-373416.html

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The author is the movie editor for Nuvein Magazine and maintains a personal site, 80s Films.

Olympic Games Suggestions, Cheburashka

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Olympic Games Suggestions, Cheburashka

Author: Nancy Bryan

girl hypnotized at olympic gamesThere are some suggestions, that Cheburashka can be a new symbol of the Olympic Games. Whether it is true or not, we don’t know, but this creature deserves some attention. Cheburashka is a rather old boy or girl, actually, it is still unknown! So, you can make your wn suggestions, I think it won’t humiliate his or her dignity! Cheburashka is 41 year old and he or she out of a sudden appeared from the box of oranges, here we can make traces to Aphrodite, the ancient Goddess. So, to tell the truth, its origin is still unfamiliar to us, that is why there are so many mysteries around it.

Prepare your Supermind

Most of all I like her or his appearance – big, bright, round eyes. Strange, noticeable and even huge ears. Cheburashka is a very kind creature, he or she has a friend Gena. Gena is a big green crocodile; he reads press, smokes a pipe and works in a Zoo. Russian’s President Vladimir Putin is famous throughout the world, but Cheburashka is as famous as he is. So, there will be a free voting and, who knows, may be Cheburashka will have an opportunity to represent the Russian Federation.

And what about Olympic Misha? He is lovely. Will it offend him? Oh, no. First of all, he is not mean and greedy, Cheburashka is a friend of him. The second point, he is a summer symbol, so he decided to wait till the next summer Olympic Games! Misha, we are waiting for you!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/travel-articles/olympic-games-suggestions-cheburashka-192396.html

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My name is Nancy and I adore travelling! I visited a lot of places and countries and I invite you to experience the world through my eyes!